Hello World!

My name is Sankalp, and welcome to my humble web-abode! I am a 21 years old student(?) and more importantly a “Hacker “. Not the type you’re probably thinking of!

While watching Star Trek, I heard Spock say- “Insufficient facts always invite Danger!”

Thus, I have a simple goal; albeit a strenuous goal: to educate myself and then help others unlearn the misconceptions and misinformation that misguide people, and act as a cobweb all over the internet.

I am not an expert in any domain but want to share my thoughts from the perspective of a curious learner who is out there seeking the true essence of knowledge. You’ll find me writing about a variety of subjects- CyberSecurity, Psychology, Finance, Philosophy, and anything that intrigues me. I hope you find something interesting and meaningful here. Happy reading!

P.S.- If you have some ideas to discuss or any kind of constructive criticism to share, please feel free to reach out to me.

Written on November 20, 2020