There are many definitions out there to describe Hackers. Some people think of them as technical experts, some associate them with criminals, while some refer to them as, in general sense, people or things that hack.

However my understanding of what it truly means to be a Hacker is different-

“A hacker is a person who applies ingenuity to find solutions to problems”

Different people believe in different explanations but media, movies and TV shows often portray a hacker as someone involved with cyber crimes, which isn’t always true. Being a hacker does not by default make someone a criminal, unless they do, in fact, commit a crime. Anyone can be a hacker! It does not necessarily have to be associated with computers. For the domain related to computer hacking, I like to use the term ‘Cybersecurity’.

Nevertheless, for my future posts I will use the terms ‘Hacking’ and ‘Computer Hacking’ interchangeably. In these posts I will write about how you can learn hacking!

Whenever someone talks about hacking, a quote from a very famous hacker (Adrián Lamo) comes to my mind-

“It’s less about technology for me, and more about religion.[on hacking]”

To be honest I won’t associate it with religion either, rather a way of life. And I am here to know more about this lifestyle and share my learnings with you. Happy reading!

P.S.- If you have some ideas to discuss or any kind of constructive criticism to share, please feel free to reach out to me.

Written on November 20, 2020